Tom Darbyshire


Tom joined Kott Gunning as a solicitor in 1997 and became a partner of the firm in 2002. He is one of the five partners in our Commercial Dispute Resolution section. Tom's area of practice is commercial litigation with an emphasis on:

  • Corporations Act matters, in particular disputes relating to insolvency and directors duties;
  • Trade Practices Disputes;
  • Contractual Disputes including building disputes and general debt recoveries;
  • Conflicts of Law;
  • Ecommerce; and
  • Property Disputes.

Tom has appeared as counsel in the Local (now Magistrates) Court, District Court, Supreme Court and Federal Magistrates Court as well as various state tribunals. In addition to the above areas Tom frequently deals with wills and probate litigation. He has also had experience in criminal law and personal injury litigation.

He is a graduate of the USQ's Advanced Insolvency Law and Practice course. Tom has participated in Trade Practices Act compliance seminars run by Kott Gunning, dealing mainly with Part IV of the TPA. He has also conducted audits into major public clients of the firm to assess their compliance with Part IV and National Competition Policy, and has conducted due diligence investigations on acquisitions of public and private companies.

(08) 9483 0122
(08) 9321 3465

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