Vidal Hockless

B Juris, LL.B

Vidal Hockless is the Chairman of Partners at Kott Gunning and is one of the three partners in our Insurance Section. Vidal joined Kott Gunning in 1979 and his experience in the workers' compensation/common law damages jurisdiction spans the entire period of his practice as a barrister and solicitor.

That practice has included extensive experience as advocate before the Workers' Compensation Board, experience as advocate before all State Courts. He is a member of the Australian Insurance Law Association and the Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention, maintaining a supervisory interest with respect to the firm's work place relations practice.

Vidal has worked on a Law Society project in relation to legal expenses insurance and was one of the original Board Members of the Litigation Systems Fund and also a member of the Australian Professional Indemnity Group at the commencement of the Western Australian Chapter.

(08) 9483 0135
(08) 9321 3465

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