Governance Institute Event: Bullying in the Age of Social Media

Date:   30 August 2016
Time:   12:30pm – 2:00pm
Venue:  Governance Institute, Ground Floor, 8 Victoria Avenue, Perth

Attend and Earn:

1.5 CPD points

Tim Lethbridge, Partner at Kott Gunning Lawyers, will discuss the increase in bullying in the workplace, recognised as a serious and avoidable risk. The Fair Work Act 2009 was amended in January 2014 to include anti-bullying provisions, but legal claims arising from, or relating to, bullying have been around long before introduction of specific anti-bullying legislation. The surge in social media use has introduced a new element into a legal system struggling to keep pace with modern technology. Recent cases have considered what type of social media behaviour constitutes bullying and when social media activity can be considered to have taken place in the (ever-expanding) ‘workplace’.

This briefing will address What is bullying?; How is it used in the context of legal proceedings?; When is the employer liable for bullying?; What are the employer’s health and safety obligations with respect to bullying?; Can those obligations be imposed on individual managers and directors of the employer?; and How can the legal risks of bullying be avoided or minimised?

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