Governance Institute: Whistleblower Protection Briefing

Date:   Tuesday, 16 May 2017
Time:  12.30pm – 2pm
Venue:  Governance Institute, Ground Floor, 8 Victoria Avenue, Perth

The tide has turned with new legislation expected in 2017

Whistleblowing can be an uncomfortable topic for those involved in corporate governance.  Organisations are often defensive when someone in the ranks exposes misconduct and wrongdoing, and stories about whistleblowers in recent years have often focussed on how they have been made to suffer after making their disclosures.

It is vital that governance professionals view whistleblowing in a more positive light, for two reasons. Firstly, when proper reporting procedures are used, whistleblowing is a potent tool in fraud prevention and detection, and promotes open and transparent corporate governance. Secondly, whistleblowers have legal protection from victimisation.  These laws are not well known or understood but they are about to be considerably enhanced. Failure to manage whistleblowing properly will have even more serious consequences.

In particular this session will cover the following:-

  • The laws relating to whistleblowing, and how they are about to change
  • Practicalities on the implementation and operation of whistleblower policies and processes
  • What is considered better practice
  • What works and does not work so well
  • Case studies.

Presented by

Tom Darbyshire, Partner, Kott Gunning Lawyers
Michael Shanahan, Partner, McGrathNicol

For more information and to register, please go to the Governance Institute Whistleblower Protection Briefing event page.