Aventedge: HR Law Masterclass 2018

Date:   Thursday, 22 March 2018
Time:  9am to 5pm
Venue: TBA

Significant changes are happening in IR/ER/HR law, including new approaches to agreements, approaches to workplace mental health, performance management, terminations, workplace investigations, harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, injury management, and redundancies or redeployments.
2018 will be an interesting year with a more systematic approach to compliance needed in relation to new liability provisions for Modern Slavery provisions, adverse actions, and accessorial liability. Then, what’s next?

What changes could be brought in if there is a change in government? Will there be broader ranging implications from recent FWA amendments?

The HR Law Masterclass is Australia’s leading biannual employment law event series featuring case example presentations and panel discussions that have recently shaped HR.

This one day event is a conference style program, but is literally an intense masterclass providing up to the minute insight from leading legal minds across the country. Hear from more than 15 legal experts in your home city and understand recent case law plus workplace relations changes which impact you. Over 2,000 attendees have joined this series since 2014.


  • Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • RTW, and workplace injury management Presented by Stephen Williams, Partner, Kott Gunning Lawyers
  • Performance management processes
  • Misconduct-based workplace investigations – procedural fairness and duty of care
  • Terminations, and minimising the chance of unfair dismissal claims
  • Adverse actions: Triggers; procedural issues; remedies and penalties
  • Redundancies, restructures and redeployments
  • Related entities, procurement chains, and the Modern Slavery Act
  • Enterprise Bargaining Agreements tips, traps and trends
  • Sexual harassment, and the huge boom in sexual harassment claims and cases
  • Bullying and harassment prevention and management Presented by Mike Baldwin, Special Counsel IR/ER, Kott Gunning Lawyers
  • Employment law trends over the next year, and the future of work

For more information and to register – please go to the Aventedge event webpage