LEGALWISE: Wills and Estate Planning and Administration

Date: Tuesday 1 March 2016
Time: 9.00am – 1.15pm
Venue: Parmelia Hilton, 14 Mill St Perth

Attend and earn
4 CPD points in Competency Area 4: Substantive Law

Attend this seminar to gain an understanding of the issues in estate planning. Learn about how you can adapt your client’s estate planning strategy and the tricky areas of estate administration.  For full program click here.

The event will be chaired by Greg Mohen, Partner, Kott Gunning Lawyers

The program includes presentations on:

‘Binding’ Financial Agreements: Will These Amendments Get it Right?
Financial agreements under the Family Law Act have become part of the armoury available to succession and estate planning practitioners. But BFA’s have gone through a very turbulent period from the start with uncertainty as to use and concerns about being ‘binding’. The hope of The Attorney General, Senator Brandis QC, is that the latest amendments proposed will strengthen the agreements, provide more certainty for parties and so make them more attractive. In this session, Andrew will review the amendments and discuss options for the future use of BFA’s for estate planning including adding third parties to the agreements.

The Limits of Open Instructions in Estate Administration

  • Open instructions on estates and the extent of those instructions
  • Limited instructions on estates
  • Obscure estate administration matters

Tax and Superannuation in Wills and Administration

  • Consideration of the succession issues in superannuation, particularly in light of recent cases
  • Superannuation tax issues and the interaction with the drafting of wills
  • How will drafting impacts superannuation
  • Superannuation in the overall estate planning context

Administration of Estates: Tricky Areas

  • Insolvent estates
  • Protected funds, life insurance and superannuation
  • Priority rules: abatement of gifts for the payment of debts