Managing Danger: Navigating Workplace Risk

Date: Tuesday, 25 August 2015
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Venue: Fraser Suites, Perth (map)

OH&S is more than just achieving legal compliance. The prevention and management of risk in the workplace is integral to employees and contractors staying healthy and safe, and encourages staff retention.

Awareness of the challenges in OH&S and the adoption of applied techniques tested by frontline specialists arms the employer both with the foresight to know what might affect their workers, as well as the knowledge of how to take steps to prevent and treat workplace incidents.

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The Managing Danger conference will explain how you can navigate OH&S issues with successful methods, applicable to all industries, for a more productive workforce. This knowledge will ensure you minimise your risk by preventing liability and achieving legal compliance.

Conference program

9.00      Welcome and Introduction
Tim Lethbridge, Partner, Kott Gunning Lawyers

9.10       Prevention: the Importance of Policies, Procedures and a Strong Safety Culture. This session addresses the “how-to” in preventing serious illness and injuries in the workplace by:

  • Identifying essential OH&S documentation and activities to be actively implemented by businesses
  • Highlighting the benefits in investing in OH&S interventions as a key factor in increasing productivity and profitability
  • Demonstrating the importance of implementing a positive safety culture

Rachael Lincoln, Senior Safety and Risk Consultant, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (Inc)

10.00 Wellness in the Workplace: Employee Mental Health. Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is not just for the “forward thinkers”, but is essential to large and small enterprises in managing obligations under the OH&S Act and ensuring a healthy and productive workforce. This session will:

  • Describe the prevalence, cost to business, and nature of mental health illness
  • Assess the benefits for business by investing in mental health strategies
  • Explore the workplace factors that can contribute to depression and anxiety
  • Explain a model of effective leadership in response to mental health issues
  • Summarise preventative measures any workplace leader can take to avoid mental health problems

Dr Stephen Brown, Manager Executive Education, AIM WA and UWA Business School Executive Education

10.50 Morning Tea

11.10 Mythbusters: the Reality of the Usefulness of Common Safety Practices in Incident Prevention. Workplaces are complex social environments involving people and risk. Does the typical approach of more procedures, rules and checklists really prevent accidents, or are we deluding ourselves to simply achieve legal compliance? This session explores:

  • Human dynamics related to safety and risk
  • Mistakes, errors, omissions, luck and how accidents really occur
  • Dangers in relying on safety documents and LTI rates for safety assurance
  • Enhanced strategies for better workplace safety

Michael Morgan, Managing Partner, Risklink

12.10 Lunch

12.55 Introduction
Josephine Hart, Lawyer, Kott Gunning Lawyers

1.00 Workers’ Compensation and Return to Work Programs: the Employer’s Rights and Obligations. Some workers’ compensation claims, when not dealt with efficiently, can sap available resources and impact negatively on workers and employers alike. This session explores the issues every employer must be across:

  • An employer’s obligations and rights when dealing with claims
  • Best practice when liaising with insurers and the concerned worker
  • The interaction of employer duties and obligations under the workers’ compensation legislative framework
  • Essential roles that individual officers must play to achieve effective “return to work” for injured workers

Stephen Williams, Partner, Kott Gunning Lawyers

1.40 Insurance: a Mutually Beneficial Opportunity. Connecting the left and right hand of corporate insurance with a company’s approach to risk and safety management should be of mutual benefit. Discussing:

  • The benefits of repositioning the employer as a mature seller of risk rather than a traditional buyer of insurance
  • What excites the insurance underwriter and how to educate them about an organisation’s risk profile and investment in risk controls to leverage better outcomes
  • Insurance remedies for breaches of OH&S legislation
  • How a breach of the OH&S legislations affects your workers’ compensation and other policies
  • What you are not insured for – the personal and corporate point of view

Ian Maybury, Manager; Andrew Wait, Senior Associate; Mark Luckin, Associate, Lockton Companies Australia Pty Ltd

2.20 Afternoon Tea

2.40 Practical Guide: Fatalities and Serious Injury Investigations. It is essential that the fallout from a fatality or serious injury is properly investigated and managed to prevent or mitigate prosecution against an employer or individual stakeholders. This session addresses the key components when managing an investigation after a serious injury or fatality has occurred, in particular:

  • Tried and tested methods for successfully navigating through the period after a serious injury or fatality
  • A step-by-step approach to managing an investigation from start to finish
  • Key pointers in dealing with external bodies such as insurance companies, unions and regulators
  • A practical toolkit detailing an emergency response procedure for use in any industry or profession

Maria Saraceni, Barrister, Francis Burt Chambers

3.40 Panel Discussion: Hot Topics in OH&S. This session explores the hot topics of the moment including:

  • OH&S harmonisation — Is it necessary, does it work, is it right for WA or just another big expense?
  • Safety as a “wicked problem” — Are we simply just taming the beast or can it be fixed?
  • Burnout and repetition — Is “checking out” and repetitious work only a problem for office workers or is it much bigger than that?

Dr Stephen Brown, Manager of Executive Education, AIM WA and UWA Business School
Paul Mendelow, Barrister, Francis Burt Chambers
Tim Lethbridge, Partner, Kott Gunning Lawyers
Michael Morgan, Managing Partner, Risklink

4.50 Close of Conference

5.00 Networking and Refreshments

Speaker Biographies

Rachael Lincoln, Senior Safety and Risk Consultant, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (Inc)

Rachael has attained many years of hands on occupational safety and health (OSH) experience from working in WA’s resources sector. Now working as the Senior Safety and Risk Consultant at CCI, she spends much of her time at CCI member’s businesses assisting them to provide a workplace that is safe for their workers.

She has worked successfully to assist CCI members to reduce incidents, and build positive corporate safety cultures. Rachael’s main strength is her enthusiasm and passion about safety helping. This extends to the up and coming safety professionals and as such, is currently mentoring a tertiary OSH student through The Smith Family. She holds a Master in Occupational Health and Safety, a Bachelor of Business, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Dr Stephen Brown, Manager Executive Education, AIM WA and UWA Business School Executive Education

Steve is a psychologist with broad experience working with various industries and organisations. He has extensive experience as a front line employee in an operation role and as a manager, educator, project manager, researcher and author.

Steve’s previous roles include working closely with some of the world’s biggest organisations and their systems and processes. He has been responsible for the promotion and ownership of health and safety systems using psychological principles to obtain the best possible results. Steve’s research is focused on the psychological well-being of employees, the factors that promote and impede psychological well-being in the workplace and best practice organisational responses to mental health issues.

Steve has worked in South Africa, Turkey, and New Zealand with leaders and front line employees providing leadership development, cultural change, and coaching, as well as psycho education around risk perception and risk management.

Michael Morgan, Managing Partner, Risklink

Josephine Hart, Lawyer, Kott Gunning Lawyers

Stephen Williams, Partner, Kott Gunning Lawyers

Ian Maybury, Manager, Lockton Companies Australia Pty Ltd  

Ian has over 19 years’ experience in the insurance industry working as both an underwriter and insurance broker, with over 10 years focused on the healthcare sector.

This has allowed Ian to manage clients both nationally and internationally, including significant involvement in the placement of policies into overseas markets including London. Ian’s focus is on providing market leading service and innovative insurance and risk solutions for his clients.

Andrew Wait, Senior Associate, Lockton Companies Australia Pty Ltd

Andrew has over 15 years’ experience in risk management, internal audit and QHSE for the offshore energy, healthcare and insurance industries. Specialist expertise includes Risk Assessment Facilitator, Risk Analysis & Risk Profile Mapping, Insurable Risks Gap Analysis, Financial Risk Retention Assessment, Business Continuity and Emergency Response, Supply Chain Management, Internal Controls Audit, Root Cause Analysis Investigation, Management Systems Lead Auditor, and Behaviour Based Safety Coach.

Since 2010, Andrew has worked in the offshore energy industry most recently as a Lead QHSE and Risk Advisor for a multinational EPCI contractor in Norway and the United Kingdom. 

Mark Luckin, Associate, Lockton Companies Australia Pty Ltd

Mark currently works in a broking role working across all general lines of insurance, with particular interest in Financial Lines (including Directors and Officers Liability, PI and Cyber) as well as the healthcare industry.

Previously Mark specialised in the management of complex and long tail workers compensation claims for one of the world’s largest insurers, managing a number of their biggest clients. He has also spent time working with a number of commercial Law Firms and Perth based Barristers.

Maria Saraceni, Barrister, Francis Burt Chambers

Paul Mendelow, Barrister, Francis Burt Chambers