Kott Gunning Lawyers’ Lifetime Estate Support Service


Estate planning involves effectively managing your affairs for your benefit while you are alive, and for your family following your passing.  A comprehensive Estate Plan should consider:

  • what you own and owe;
  • how assets are currently held and finances managed;
  • who you want to benefit and assist during your lifetime and following your passing;
  • your legal obligations to dependants and family;
  • minimising taxation on your assets and the income generated; and
  • options to deal with assets and personal affairs in case of disability and death.

Do you have an up to date Estate Plan that effectively directs your wishes?

Kott Gunning Lawyers offers a Lifetime Estate Support Service tailored to your needs, and can arrange to draw up the following documents:

  • A Will.
  • An Enduring Power of Attorney.
  • An Enduring Power of Guardianship.
  • An Advanced Health Directive.
  • Superannuation Benefit Nominations.

More information about these documents can be found on our Wills and Estates Q & A page.

What does the free Will and Estate Planning Health Check give me?

A 15 minute discussion/exchange with a lawyer by phone, email or in person to check current documents and assess your unique estate planning requirements. 

Anyone can request the no obligation Estate “health check” to give them peace of mind.

Request a free Will and Estate Planning Health Check with a lawyer NOW

Email aappleby@kottgunn.com.au or ring 08 9483 0913 quoting 151815GA and ask for an appointment with lawyer Claire Hawke-Gundill .  Please note a suitable time for the appointment will be determined by the lawyer’s availability.



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