Anne Wood

Anne Wood

Government, Building & Construction

Commencement Date:
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Management), Murdoch (1994), Masters of Industrial Relations, University of Western Australia (1996), Bachelor of Laws, Murdoch (2007)
Admission Details:
Supreme Court of Western Australia (2007), High Court of Australia (2007)
Areas of Expertise:
Statutory Interpretation, Building and Construction Law, Occupational Health and Safety, Planning and Development Law, Litigation, Administrative Law and General Legal Services

Prior to pursuing a career in the law, Anne worked for approximately 4-5 years as an advisor to various State Government Ministers including three Ministers for Local Government and Regional Development, one Minister for Planning and Infrastructure and one Minister for Housing and Works. Anne’s experience includes working within State Government in the instructing and drafting process for legislation.

Anne’s experience includes:

  • Statutory interpretation – regularly provides statutory interpretation advice whether it be in written form or in court. Mocilac v City of Fremantle [2014] WASC 56 is an appeal which confirmed Kott Gunning’s previously unconfirmed statutory interpretation of the Planning and Development Act 2005 and the Criminal Procedure Act 2004.
  • Building and construction law – routinely appears in the courts in relation to Building Act 2011 prosecutions/appeals and has presented a number of training seminars to the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors.
  • Planning and development law – routinely appears in the courts in relation to Planning and Development Act 2005 prosecutions and appeals. She also presents regularly to the Local Government Compliance Officers Associations on the Planning and Development Act 2005 enforcement options and the legal and practical issues with using those options.
  • Litigation – has appeared in the Magistrates Court of WA, the District Court of WA, the Supreme Court, the Federal Magistrates Court and the State Administrative Tribunal, however most of her court work now revolves around the State Administrative Tribunal, the Magistrates Court and the Supreme Court.
  • Administrative law – acts for government agencies and as a result the legal issues of governance and procedural fairness are being dealt with by her on a daily basis. She also has extensive experience in Freedom of Information matters.
  • General services – Anne’s legal experience and government background result in a unique mix of transferrable skills which can be used to provide general legal services. Her extensive statutory interpretation skills means that if there is a statute involved she can often quickly identify problems and solutions within the wording.
Memberships and Affiliations:
  • Law Society of Western Australia
  • Australian Local Government Women’s Association of Western Australia
  • Women Lawyers Association of Western Australia (former President)
  • Australian Women Lawyers (board member)
  • Member of the Ministerial Panel for the Review of the Local Government Act 1995 (WA)
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