When a company’s outlook changes, Kott Gunning’s Insolvency & Restructuring team can assist.

The team have significant experience in advising various stakeholders interested in a companies continued success, change of direction or winding-up, including:

  • The company
  • Directors
  • Insolvency practitioners or turnaround advisers
  • Financiers
  • Creditors
  • Guarantors

Experience has shown that early advice and any appropriate intervention is critical to companies experiencing changes to their outlook or business viability. Early and proactive engagement and negotiation with key stakeholders is often the difference between business continuation, recovery or collapse.

Directors, should consider in troubled financial circumstances and where appropriate seek the protection of the “safe harbour” regime whilst also developing and implementing the company’s strategy.

Kott Gunning can provide timely advice regarding the legal framework, including the effect of the Corporations and ASIC Acts and other law as it impacts of the management of companies experiencing changes to their financial viability. It can also obtain or recommend appropriate advice from other qualified and relevant professionals.

Our Insolvency & Restructuring team can advise in relation to:

  • Company administration
  • Corporate reconstruction
  • Court appointed or private receivership
  • Creditors’ trusts
  • Deeds of company arrangements
  • Directors’ duties
  • Insolvent trading including directors’ “safe harbour” from insolvent trading
  • Issuing and setting aside Creditors Statutory Demands
  • Liquidation and provisional liquidation
  • Litigation or dispute resolution
  • Obligations under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009
  • Scheme of company arrangements
  • Security restructuring
  • Voidable and insolvent transaction advice and dispute resolution
  • Winding up applications or avoidance