Whistleblower Protections in Corporate Australia: Issues, Developments and Best Practices

In the March issue of the LexisNexis Inhouse Counsel newsletter partner Tom Darbyshire and lawyer Claudia Lewin provide insight into the new Whistleblower protections.

In-house lawyers are particularly affected by the laws relating to “whistleblowing” – the disclosure of immoral, unethical or unlawful activity within an organisation, by a person with access to the organisation’s internal information. In-house lawyers may have to explain to angry board members why a whistleblower can’t be sacked or sued without incurring criminal liability.

In-house lawyers will often be closely involved in formulating whistleblower policies, and ensuring that individual instances of disclosure are dealt with in accordance with those policies. And of course, sometimes it is in-house lawyers themselves who feel obliged to reveal instances of corporate wrongdoing, and who need the whistleblower protection.

Click the link LexisNexis Inhouse Counsel 2017 Vol 21 No 1 pgs 12 – 15 to read the full article, courtesy of LexisNexis.

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