Involved with Planning Approvals in WA? There May be Changes Ahead…

A WA Planning Green Paper currently out for comment is proposing significant changes to the way development is approved in WA.

A major shakeup is being proposed to the Western Australian Planning System with a new Green Paper currently out for comment until 20 July 2018.

The measures proposed are surprising specific and have the potential to significantly change the way planning approvals are obtained (or perhaps whether they will have to be obtained).

Measures include –
  • Standardizing the format of Planning Schemes, Strategies and Policies into a new document called a Comprehensive Local Planning Scheme;
  • Standardizing whether land uses are permitted or not for commonly used zones;
  • Requiring local governments to maintain up to date local planning strategies;
  • Requiring local governments to prepare a Local Housing Strategy with growth predictions and identifying what housing types will be needed;
  • New reporting requirements for Local Governments on planning performance;
  • Requiring re-advertising of proposals amended as a result of a SAT mediation process (unless fully compliant);
  • A greater emphasis on DAP transparency and the use of specialist members;
  • Encouraging SAT to consider third party involvement at SAT mediations.

The impact of the Deemed Planning Provisions has been significant on the way in which planning schemes operate. These proposed measures could be even more significant.

The Green Paper can be accessed at

Submissions can be made via or by emailing

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