RedFM Fifo Life interviews FIFO family lawyer Danielle Hadida

Red FM dedicates an hour of programming every week to discuss the real topics that FIFO workers are interested in hearing more about, including physical health, financial planning, an exit strategy, Family Law, Mental Health and much more. Hosted by Matt Layton, you can catch FIFO Life at 6am Saturday mornings and repeated Tuesdays at Midnight.

Red FM”s Matt asked Kott Gunning’s FIFO family lawyer Danielle Hadida some pressing Family Law questions, listen to the interviews below.

Interview 1
  • Do I need to use a lawyer?
  • In relationship disputes does it make a difference if the two parties are not married?
  • When can you lodge an application for divorce?
  • Do you need to go to mediation?
Interview 2
  • Do you have an obligation to pass on documents to your ex at the end of the relationship?
  • How do I make arrangements to spend time with my kids when my roster keeps changing?
  • When sorting out family law matters, is going to court always necessary?
  • If you do require a lawyer what documents do you need to bring to your first appointment?
Interview 3
  • Do I need property settlement orders?
  • If already divorced, do I still need property orders?
  • The kids say they want to live with me, does my ex have to listen to them? 

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For more information contact Danielle Hadida.