New Managing Partner Appointed

Tom Darbyshire has been re-appointed as Kott Gunning’s Managing Partner, taking over from Stephen Williams, who has stepped down after two years in the role.

Tom became a Partner at Kott Gunning in 2002 and was Managing Partner from 2008 to 2012. He has extensive experience as a litigator with particular emphasis on insolvency, reconstruction and corporate governance. He frequently advises on enforcement of securities and directors’ duties in an insolvency context. Tom will continue to play a key role in the firm’s growing Insolvency and Reconstruction practice.

“I am very excited to lead the Kott Gunning team again, and to build on the strategic changes introduced by Stephen Williams including a new corporate brand that positions the firm as a progressive, independent corporate and commercial law firm” said new Managing Partner, Tom Darbyshire.

Kott Gunning is the Western Australian member representative of ADVOC, an international network of independent law firms. Kott Gunning will host the ADVOC Asia AGM in Perth next month and Tom will be welcoming delegates from independent law firms from all over the world to that event.

Stephen will now focus on his insurance law practice acting for defendants (insurers and employers), principally in the workers’ compensation or employers’ indemnity, personal injury and public liability areas.

Stephen said the following about his time as Managing Partner “It’s been immensely rewarding, particularly as I have had the opportunity to see the depth of experience and skill of my colleagues at Kott Gunning, and the loyalty they have to the firm, in action. I have particularly enjoyed leading the firm through the recent rebranding and receiving the very positive feedback from our clients.”

For more information, please contact Tanya Kay on 08 9321 3755.