Kott Gunning purchases All Property Conveyancing – business and property settlement agency

Kott Gunning has strengthened its settlement division by acquiring All Property Conveyancing, a specialist business and property settlement agency with extensive experience in conveyancing for a wide range of businesses and properties.

Heather Norfolk has been a leading agent in the Western Australian business settlement industry for several decades and will be joining Kott Gunning as a business conveyancer on 10 July 2017.

Over the years, the reputation of All Property Conveyancing has been marked by quality service and the specialisation in business conveyancing that is restricted to only a handful of companies in Western Australia.

All Property Conveyancing is an amalgamation of two of the oldest and most respected settlement businesses to have operated in Perth over the last 40 years – All Property Settlements was established in the late 1970s and Jan Simpson Settlements was established in 1982. In 2010, Jan Simpson Settlements and All Property Settlements merged and the combination became known as All Property Conveyancing.

Most recently operated in conjunction with Atium Legal, the current team of conveyancers led by Heather Norfolk continued the tradition of providing quality service in property and business conveyancing.

Kott Gunning’s commercial and property partners Emma Leys and Greg Mohen said

“Our purchase of All Property Conveyancing and having Heather Norfolk join our existing team strengthens our abilities and experience in the area of business and property conveyancing. It will enable us to further enhance and add value to our existing relationships with clients and to help new clients, who may not have appreciated the depth of services we offer in this area. Our conveyancers work closely together with our team of experienced lawyers, allowing us to offer a complete service to our clients throughout the settlement process.”

As a full service commercial and private client law firm, Kott Gunning also looks forward to assisting All Property Conveyancing’s clients with property/leasing, employment law and dispute resolution legal services if and when required as part of the settlement process.

For more information please contact partner Emma Leys on +61 8 9321 3755.