Recognition as Top 3 Flexible Workplace

The commitment of Western Australian law firm Kott Gunning Lawyers to a flexible workplace has been recognised in a survey conducted by Beaton and Macquarie Bank reported on in The Australian newspaper of 22 January 2016.  Significantly, the survey’s top five ranked places are all independent, mid-tier firms.

The survey considered the percentage of lawyers working part-time throughout Australia, and Kott Gunning ranked third from 48 firms surveyed across the country.  The percentage of part-time workers is 12.7% in mid-tier firms, compared with 8.8% of the international firms, and 9.1% of large law firms.  The overall figure of 10.3% part-time workers jumped from 9.5% last year.  Also worth noting is that 21.3% of men are now working part-time.

Kott Gunning’s recent introduction of a Flexible Work Policy (benefiting all staff, not only lawyers), is the firm’s way of supporting “work/life balance” for its employees.  Human Resources Manager, Kevin Chalklin, commented: “It’s fabulous to receive positive publicity in the media at any time, but when the newspaper has the reach of The Australian it’s pretty awesome.  These results and the recently introduced Flexible Work Policy are evidence that the firm is embracing flexible work practices…a ‘win-win-win’ situation as James Graham of Madgwicks suggests”.

For more information about Kott Gunning Lawyers’ Flexible Work Policy and the survey, please contact HR Manager Kevin Chalklin on 08 9321 3755 or

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