Report Reveals Gender Inequality

On 23 September 2014 the Women Lawyers of WA (Inc) (WLWA) released one of the most comprehensive reviews in 20 years of gender bias in the Western Australian Legal System at a function in the foyer of the Supreme Court.

The Hon Chief Justice Wayne Martin AC opened the launch event by video message, and attendees heard from The Hon Justice Janine Pritchard, Chair of the Steering Committee for the 20th Anniversary Review Project, along with Ms Cathryn Greville of WLWA.

The 2014 Review Report is the culmination of 3 years of work investigating and documenting the extent to which gender bias exists in the law and administration of justice in Western Australia today. The production of the 2014 report was overseen by a volunteer steering committee and the volunteer chapter committees submitted drafts and comments to the steering committee. Kott Gunning Senior Associate, Anne Wood, was one of the co convenors of Chapter Two and a member of the Steering Committee which resulted in the creation of this important resource for the legal and government sectors of our community.

The 2014 Review Report’s findings are clear and of concern. Despite advances over time, women still face considerable inequality in key areas including:

  • accessing law and justice and the court environment;
  • succeeding in the legal profession;
  • advancing and being appointed to the judiciary;
  • as Aboriginal Women and Girls;
  • as victims of crime, particularly as victims of sexual assault and domestic violence;
  • in obtaining protection from violence through restraining orders;
  • under civil laws, in education, the workplace, as care providers and as law makers;
  • under the criminal law; and
  • as offenders under the justice system.

Through the release of 197 Recommendations covering 9 broad areas, WLWA has identified practical, achievable and measurable ways to address the current inequalities and instigate positive change for the benefit of women and the broader Western Australian community.

We encourage you to take a look at the 2014 Report here

Also refer our history page where you can read more about Kott Gunning having had the first female managing partner of a law firm in Perth.